Are you a cat or are you a dog? Well I will leave the answer to your imagination…actually I won’t – try this:

Are You a Cat or Dog Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality? | Zoo

This is just one of the new things I learnt about leadership styles on the 1st of December 2023, when I was fortunate enough to make the attendee list for a sought after masterclass, ‘Transform your Leadership’, funded by CHULS and delivered by Women-Space.

Leadership in the workplace is challenging enough but more so when you are a woman. Not only is there an obvious gender pay gap but in many sectors a structure of bias and stereotyping. Women often add to this with their own feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’ or ‘inner critic’ overthinking and overcompensating by working much longer and harder which has a knock-on effect on their work life balance.

The masterclass forced me (and many others) outside of our comfort zone, one such example was having to record ourselves delivering short presentation and then watching it back looking at body language and projection. This was in addition to group feedback.

It was also interesting to learn about the many different challenges and opportunities within legal sector across Higher Education. The one-day masterclass was followed with a one-to-one mentoring session for all attendees with Professor Christina Hughes. I actually asked Christina for her first impressions of me…very interesting is what I will say and lots to take away and think about!

There will be further opportunities to get on the waiting list for this masterclass this year and details will follow after the CHULS Annual Residential in 2024

Samira Hussain
Head of School of Law
Arden University